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Protecting your Income

2 out of every 3 adults have been diagnosed by a doctor with a condition that was expected to last for six months or more*.

*A Portrait of Health: Key results of the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey.

Protect your Lifestyle

Of total disabilities in New Zealand, 29% were a result from an accident or injury*.

*Disability Counts (2001). Disability Tables - All, Table 3.06a.

Protection from the Unexpected

37,700 people were injured on the job severely enough to be off work for more than a week. Overall, 285,400 people suffered some kind of injury at work out of a total workforce of 2.26 million people*.

*ACC frequently requested facts and stats (2007/08).

Protection for Critical Illnesses

Cancer is the country’s leading cause of death (28.9%) and a major cause of hospitalisation*.

*Ministry of Health Cancer programme (2009).

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